Reviews of "Mechanical Dreams"

27 August 2004 Jan Harries wrote:

First of all, the sequence or story in the CD, is progressing, takes me on a trip.
I get all exited!
Very good clean and hard/soft sounds.
It's nice to have this synergy effect, hard/soft tracks - so the listener can get into different moods the whole
CD over. It's much better than if all tunes were in 1 style !!!
Great track that, MD.
Last Resistance and Warning of the Whales, really makes the listener go almost to the floor moodwise.
Then Archangel takes you up and up again, but with a dreamy lead, that sounds very alike BLADERUNNER! :-)
From what I can hear, you have the same forfathers as me, Vangelis, Jean Michel, and C64 synth etc.
Good to end the CD with a harder track.

Maybe I can get someone here to listen it, I already recommended it to my friends.

From all the pre-C64 composers, Amiga trackers, scene guys, that did proff music,
this is IMO the best one yet, if we stay in the true synth age stuff!

I like the fact that all songs are original, and no remix etc.

Just wonderful!   and I get more out of it with each listen, it's forever a classic to me.

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Bruno Fasel wrote:

Hallo Markus, deine Musik ist richtig Amigamässig, weckt so manche Erinerungen.