Mechanical Dreams - The Story
(Thanks to Peter Hall / Sonoma / California / USA)
Story written by Markus Siebold
Our story takes place in the future, maybe 500 or 1000 years...

"Mechanical Dreams“ tells the story about THE battle between the humans
and the machines in taking control of the world. Many innocent
victims lost their life fighting the robots.

Now, after several centuries of oppression and fights, divergent people
come together to defeat the machines – definitive (People In Motion).

Lovers yearning for a better world. A world without war and hate – they
are realising that the oppression and power of the enemy still isn´t
over and that their lovers have died for a cause they caused (Tubbs & Valerie 2).

There´s only one way to escape from the cold war: dreaming. A dream can
bring you into a world that corresponds to your wishes – but there´ll
always be the unkown factor (Factor X).

Soon you awake from the dream and  realize the war isn´t over, yet!
You remember all the dead people, particularly your friends, fallen victims of
the robots (Autumn Rain 2004).

How exciting it could be, to destroy the robots and machines all at once..
But on the battlefield you recognize the power of the enemy.
The sun is setting and it´s sinking into the sea.
War robots, far away, coming into the "Field Of Victims“ which is very
close to the sea. Again you see your friends helplessly sacrifying their
lifes (A Mechanical Dream).

The sea is turning red – red because of all the blood. Even this last
resistance was futile (Last Resistance). Silence pervades and
intensifies the uneasy situation.

Now silence – no screams, no explosions. Even the lively birds are silent.
Only the whales are singing; their sounds are of complaining and warning. And
again all the sad memories... (Warning Of The Whales).

You are falling on your knees, screaming, nearly unconscious because of losing your friends.
Darkness is surrounding you. Silence pretends peace – peace which
won't be so soon.
Now, in this time, everyone of us wishes we  had a skilled hero to ask for
help! (Archangel)
Wishful thinking? Reality?

How many more innocent victims will there be from the war ? Thousands of dead
bodies. Mothers crying for their sons, soldiers for their comrades,
lovers separated forever. At this time everybody is
alone and is fighting off sorrow and their heart is bleeding.(Bleeding Hearts).

We feel regrets. Shouldn´t we have noticed much earlier we are
destroying ourself?
It will always be like it was before... (Temple Of Remorse)
...just better!

Story & Music (C) 2004 by Markus Siebold